Can You Top My Valentine’s Day Story?

It was February, a cold and dreary month that year, and I was expecting my first child. The baby was due to arrive near my mother’s birthday, February 22. That’s what I was expecting, and that’s what I was prepared for.

I was not prepared to go into labor in the very early morning hours of February 14. “This isn’t really happening,” I assured myself. “You are going to do the laundry today. You don’t have time to have a baby.”

But was little miss Allison Elise listening? Of course not. She was determined to make an appearance that day, and approximately twelve hours later, in the middle of the afternoon of February 14, she arrived. I don’t suppose she’s actually to blame, but twelve hours later we had one of the biggest snowfalls our city has ever seen. The roads were so bad that her poor father couldn’t even drive all the way to the hospital to visit us. He had to park his car on the side of the road and walk the rest of the way.

Fortunately, Allison was healthy, I was fine, and her father survived the snowstorm unscathed. We learned over the years, however, that the weather around Valentine’s Day is unpredictable. In fact, for several years in a row, the weather on Allison’s birthday was so cold and sometimes snowy that she complained bitterly about having a birthday on Valentine’s Day.

To which I quickly pointed out that the only thing worse than being born on Valentine’s Day is having a baby on Valentine’s Day. That was the end of my being recognized on Valentine’s Day. But I always said that with a smile. Having my darling little girl sure beat a romantic card and flowers.

What about you? Do you have a particular memory associated with Valentine’s Day?

6 thoughts on “Can You Top My Valentine’s Day Story?

  1. I can’t top your story, but I have a Valentine’s day that I won’t forget of my own.

    I believe I was a sophomore in high school when we had a bitter snow storm that called school off on Valentine’s Day. It started snowing mid morning and within no time we had enough on the ground and roads to call school (luckily we’d already eaten lunch by then). However, buses couldn’t even make the runs. Many kids were stuck at school. I was one of them. The middle school was next door so I walked over to get my brother, but found he’d been picked up by a neighbor. Did he even consider me? NO. My grandparents eventually ventured out to pick me up and my mom (who drove a school bus, but had to park it because she couldn’t make it home). Needless to say our school board has moved more quickly to dismiss school when it snows since then.

  2. Brent and I had married in June. It was our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.

    I worked in a large doctor’s office at the front desk. In came the florist delivery with a dozen red roses. It had just begun to sprinkle rain. The roses were covered with tiny droplets that looked like early morning dew.

    I was dumbfounded. We really didn’t have the money for such an extravagance.

    When I got home from work supper was cooked. I had 2 beautiful cards. One from Brent and the other from John, and a little ruby heart and earrings.

    It was a beautiful 1st Valentine’s Day as a wife.

  3. Now that is love! Giving up your romantic holiday for your daughter. My mother’s birthday is on Halloween, so she has the opposite problem. As the birthday girl, she got the raw deal. Allison’s b-day preempted your VD but my mother had to grow up with a ringing doorbell and other kids getting candy.

    Happy Birthday, Allison, and Happy Valentine’s Day, Carolynn!

    • If you MUST share a birthday with a holiday, I suppose Valentine’s Day isn’t as bad as Halloween. Your poor mom. One of my high school friends was born on Christmas day, and I always felt bad for him.

  4. Interesting story, Leanne. Reminds me of a Valentine’s Day when I was in high school. My cousin’s girlfriend was having a Valentine’s Day party but it had snowed a huge amount. My cousin and his older brother picked me up in their rattletrap car. They had chains on the rear tires, and the chains rubbed the inside of the fender. Talk about loud! But we made it to the party, where there were very few guests. After the party, my cousins dropped me off at home and I discovered I’d forgotten my front door key. Mom and Dad were in bed so I walked around the house to the back door through snow that came above my boot tops and slithered down inside my boots. Another memorable Valentine’s Day. 🙂

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