Get Your Free Christmas Story Now

If there’s anything better than a Christmas story, it’s a free Christmas story. And if you hurry, you can get Leanne Tyler’s delightful tale of faith and love rediscovered that features lots of Christmas elements packed into a short but enthralling story. In A Country Kitchen Christmas, Ms. Tyler weaves an unusual plot with a main character, Penelope, who’s making her living blogging on cooking when she can barely boil water. Then her deception catches up with her when the new CEO of the Southern Cooking Channel runs a contest without Penelope’s knowledge that requires her to host the contest winner for Christmas dinner at the farm she pretends to still own. Unfortunately, she sold it to pay back taxes, and the new owner is a fellow she didn’t think she liked when they were in high school together. Fortunately, Derek knows how to cook.

But will Derek be willing to let Penelope return to the farm long enough to help her save her job?

This is a sweet story that will warm your heart and have you longing for the old-fashioned joys of Christmas: a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows, a freshly cut Christmas tree, and the aroma of good cooking wafting through the house.

And if by some chance you’re reading this after March 4 when the story is no longer free, just visit Leanne Tyler on Amazon and you’ll be able to buy it for a very reasonable price.


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