And what did the tooth fairy leave you?

Loot from the tooth fairy.

My husband and I were reminiscing recently about the tooth fairy. We have a grandson who is within a year or two of losing some baby teeth, and we were wondering what the tooth fairy will leave for him in place of a tooth. When our daughter was losing her baby teeth, my husband always made sure we had crisp, new two-dollar bills on hand so the tooth fairy would consistently have something to place under the pillow when she retrieved a little tooth.

This recollection called to mind another—a memory of my own childhood tooth-fairy experiences, which were quite different from what I suppose is the norm. My personal tooth fairy, in fact, eschewed the old tooth-under-a-pillow tradition for a more simplified tooth-in-a-glass-of-water custom. When I lost a tooth, I put it in a glass of water and the next morning, the tooth had disappeared and a lovely, shiny nickel lay in the bottom of the glass of water in place of the tooth. This worked fine as far as I was concerned. I was content with the procedure as long as the tooth was replaced by a coin I could spend.

What about you? Was the tooth fairy consistent in the amount of money she left in place of your baby teeth? And did your experiences with the tooth fairy differ from the tooth-under-the-pillow tradition?

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