The View from McCloud Mountain

It’s hard to believe May is here already, but in another way, it’s hard to believe it isn’t later in the year. All the vegetation in Tennessee has been ahead of schedule this year because of warm weather very early. After a couple of cold spells, we moved into hot weather, then dry. We got some storms along with some rain this evening. I’m glad to have the rain but really glad it didn’t arrive earlier in the day.

My husband and I decided to visit a restaurant on McCloud Mountain, located near LaFollette, Tennessee. The lodge and restaurant are located at the top of the mountain and boast a gorgeous view, but I wouldn’t want to be up there during a storm. And I certainly wouldn’t want to be there during the winter months. The road going up the mountain is extremely steep in spots with a couple of switchbacks that would make driving risky in any sort of bad weather.

But for a pretty May afternoon, it was a nice trip. The temperatures were moderate, and we enjoyed looking out over the valley below.

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