The Fun of Family Reunions

Food, fun, and lots of talking: These are the ingredients for a successful family reunion, and all were present at the Lester Family Reunion in Jamestown, Tennessee, on July 14, 2012. The reunion takes place every other year, beginning in 2002. The last reunion prior to 2002 was held in Indiana in August of 1962.

What is remarkable to me is that the family members—after a forty-year hiatus and having spread out into various communities mostly in Indiana and Tennessee—had the desire and will to arrange to meet again. I take this as a tribute to the strength of blood ties.

But let’s face it. It’s fun to talk about the past with people who lived it with us (even if we haven’t seen them in years) and to meet others who can trace their lineage back to long-deceased ancestors. Thanks to all who pulled this reunion together and to all who traveled to be with us. I’m already looking forward to 2014.

Everyone enjoyed the pictures taken many years ago of John H. Lester (1872-1952) and Sallie Bates Lester (1875-1954). Many of their grandchildren, great grandchildren, and other descendants enjoyed the Lester Family Reunion.



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