My Christmas novella will be free again

On Tuesday, August 14, and Wednesday, August 15, my Regency-era Christmas novella will be free on Amazon for the Kindle. If you missed it before, you have another chance to download it free of charge.

The Secret Christmas Ciphers

And if you notice anything strange about the cover, well, there’s a reason for that. I loved the cover with the black background but unfortunately, the name of the book did not show up well at all. Thus, I asked the cover artist to revise and use a lighter background. She did so, and the new cover is shown in this post. (The original cover is still shown in the right-hand column.) AUTHOR’S NOTE: THE COVER WITH THE LIGHTER BACKGROUND IS NOW SHOWN IN THE SIDEBAR.

But in any case, nothing has changed inside, so if you downloaded the earlier version, you have the current version except for the cover. And if you have not yet downloaded the novella to your Kindle, remember that you can get it free on August 14 and 15.

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