Lily for a Day is now in print

Several years ago I wrote a book that is set on a daylily farm in Tennessee. (Just in case you’ve never heard of a daylily farm, I should explain that a daylily farm is located just a few miles from me, and I’ve visited there on more than one occasion. They grow and sell hundreds of different varieties of daylilies.) My book, Lily for a Day, is what I would  consider Women’s Fiction. It involves a middle-aged woman, Marti Darnell, and her interactions with her adult daughters, who, as it turns out, are still in need of their mother’s wisdom, something Marti fears is in short supply.

Lily for a Day

Lily for a Day was first published in 2008 as an electronic book with a very pretty cover. But now, four years later, the publisher has decided to publish it as a trade paperback and has given it a brand new cover. It’s a lovely cover for what I believe is one of my best books, and I’m delighted to see it in print after all these years.

Following is the back cover copy, in case you’re interested:

Marti Darnell figures the time is long past when she could have bonded with her daughters, both of whom are now married women with lives of their own. But then her husband Harold falls on her and breaks her ankle, and she discovers that life has a way of simultaneously throwing curves and bestowing second chances. When a conglomeration of broken bones, shattered marriages, rekindled love affairs, and a mystery or two disrupt life on the formerly peaceful Darnell Daylily Farm, Marti is forced to rely on her maternal instincts and pray that she doesn’t inadvertently screw up somebody’s life, including her own.

And to give you just a taste, here’s the first paragraph:

The day Harold fell off the roof and broke my ankle, I knew our way of life was about to change. I just didn’t realize how much.

Lily for a Day is available on the publisher’s website and on Amazon.

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