Sharing memories of Halloween costumes

I was visiting another blog today, and the question was posed: What was your favorite or worst Halloween costume? Thinking back to my youth, I still recall the October when I created a costume from my older sister’s cast-off Maid of Honor dress. It was a long, blue satin dress that my mother had made when my oldest sister got married. (As an aside, Mom had also made my dress for the wedding—I was the flower girl—out of a sheer blue fabric with a blue satin underskirt. I still have that outfit, but it’s rather fragile now.)

In any case, my sister’s dress had been relegated to the ragbag in the outbuilding that had once served my parents as a smokehouse and then as a henhouse. After my mom got rid of the hens, we cleaned it up and turned it into my playhouse. It consisted of one room with a door on one side and a window on the other. A large wooden shelf lined one wall and I pretended it was the second story. I spread old sofa cushions on the shelf to use as a bed. I spent many happy hours in that building before I outgrew it and we used it for storage.

But I digress. After rescuing my sister’s dress from the ragbag, I created a crown out of cardboard and dressed up like a princess. One of my friends dressed up like a hobo, and we went trick or treating as an unmatched pair. It was my last outing as a trick-or-treater because I was already on the verge of outgrowing that activity. But it was fun and I enjoyed the creative aspect of making a costume out of things I could “recycle.”

What about you? Do you have a memory of a Halloween costume that you particularly enjoyed (or hated)?

2 thoughts on “Sharing memories of Halloween costumes

  1. I don’t remember a lot of costumes, I guess they weren’t that special. But there was one. I was fascinated by the legend of the scarecrow from a Disney movie when I was a kid. My mother made me a costume made of green cotton (blouse and pants) and lined the neck, sleeve openings and leg openings with cut up paper bags for the straw. I wore a plastic mask and hat she also made. Then I went around, flopping around on porches and hollering trick or treat. As I recall, I got some great stuff that year!

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