Vintage Christmas ornaments bring back memories

While going through my store of Christmas decorations this year, I ran across a box of vintage Christmas ornaments I’d salvaged from my mother-in-law’s house after she passed away and her children were dividing up her things. Although I’ve never used the ornaments, just looking at them brings back fond memories, because my own mother had ornaments almost exactly like those. I remember when I was a child and we’d start decorating the tree, I thought those ornaments were the most beautiful things I’d ever seen.


Since I lived in a rural area at that time, we’d cut our own tree and felt lucky if we could find a decent-shaped cedar. Of course most of the time one side of the tree would be misshapen or thin, but that side could be situated toward the wall. Then we’d string the lights (big ones, of course), and place some angel hair around those before adding the ornaments and finishing up with garland and icicles.

Other of my favorite ornaments in those days were some small bubble lights. Of course they had to be placed on the tree so that they didn’t lean at all (not an easy thing to do) or they wouldn’t bubble. But it was worth working at keeping those lights straight so I could watch the bubbles.

Thinking of those glass ornaments and of angel hair (which is spun glass and must be handled with care) made me wonder if such things are available today. After a quick search of the internet, I discovered that one can still buy both angel hair and Shiny Brite ornaments. Of course they’re a bit more expensive these days. Whereas the price on the box of the ornaments I have is 99 cents for a dozen, the cost for half a dozen these days runs around $22.00. But that’s not a big surprise. I’m just surprised that angel hair is still being sold.

I still love Christmas ornaments to this day and tend to buy ones that have sound and motion. Every year it seems that manufacturers come up with new and more elaborate ideas, which makes me wonder what the future holds for ornaments.

But however fancy future ornaments may be, they won’t hold any fonder memories for me than those old vintage ornaments.

4 thoughts on “Vintage Christmas ornaments bring back memories

  1. Thanks for a nice trip into the past! I’m 64 and those ornaments looks very familiar to me, even the brand name! And the bubblers, they were a pain to keep upright, but they added something special to the tree. Merry Christmas!

  2. I love ornaments as well, but mine tend to be the homemade ones and mercury glass ones. I buy inexpensive glass ornaments and make some new ones every year. Orgami, pine cones and crochet ornaments are some of my preferred ones.

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