An End Draws Near

The view from my deck this afternoon is one of gloom. Skies are overcast, but it’s too warm to snow, so we’ll have to settle for the bleakness of a December evening.

12-31-12It’s December 31, the last day of 2012, and all the television shows are busily looking back on the events of the past year. There are many tragedies to review and relive, but I like in my personal life to relive the fun times. The family reunions, the visits with my mother (who will be 102 in February of 2013), fun times with my grandson and his parents, and sharing laughter with my husband.

I’m thankful for all of those occasions plus the friendships with my writer friends. We’ve had several years together, learning our craft and sharing disappointments and successes. I look forward to more successes in 2013.

So goodbye, 2012. And hello, 2013. One year from today, I hope I’m here writing a similar post, reminiscing about the good times and looking forward to the future with optimism.

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