What I Learned While Writing “My Cupcake, My Love”

As I told one of my friends a few weeks ago, I wanted to write a story with a Valentine’s Day theme, but I had no plot and no characters. I had only one clue as to what I was going to include: I wanted my heroine to own a bakery, and I wanted the baked goods to reflect the colors associated with Valentine’s Day.

cupcake-web-copyI decided almost immediately to include red velvet cakes and strawberry cakes because, obviously, red and pink are colors associated with Valentine’s Day. I also wanted to include a cupcake decorating scene, but my knowledge of edible decorations was limited. This led to my doing some extensive Internet research on edible decorations, and in the process, my education was broadened considerably.

You can buy edible Cupids, of course, but did you know you can buy edible lips? And of course there’s the traditional standbys—sprinkles and colored sugar in various colors, shapes, and sizes—but edible eyes? Yep, you can get those too. In fact, there’s very little you can’t find in edible decorations, whether you’re looking for items for baby showers, weddings, or any of the major holidays.

And of course, cupcakes themselves are extremely popular these days, so there were cookbooks devoted to baking and icing cupcakes. And the various examples of extravagantly decorated confections kept me craving cupcakes during most of the time I devoted to research. I even had a slight inclination to try my hand at creating some of those beautiful cupcakes, but I soon remembered my limitations and resisted trying.

I did succeed, however, in writing my Valentine-themed novella, and I called it My Cupcake, My Love. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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