Holiday books: What’s your preference?

I’ve noticed that readers, including me, enjoy books with a Christmas theme. Sales of these books increase dramatically in December, but they’re also popular throughout the year.

But what about other holidays? Do you enjoy books with a spooky theme around Halloween? Or a love story around Valentine’s Day?

cupcake-web-copyBecause I enjoy Valentine’s Day, I wrote a book entitled My Cupcake, My Love that is a love story with a Valentine’s Day setting. Since February 14 is just a couple of weeks away, I’m planning to reduce the price next week of My Cupcake, My Love from $2.99 to just 99 cents and leave it on sale until February 15.

So if you enjoy holiday-themed books, watch for the sale on My Cupcake, My Love. I’ll announce it here.


Shop for Your Valentine

2 thoughts on “Holiday books: What’s your preference?

  1. Sue,

    I love to receive books for the holidays! Valentine’s it’s great to receive a romance because it so fits with my moods. And I love your books, so I’d love to receive any of them this Valentine’s…hint, hint, hubby! 😉

    Heather R.

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