Get your beach reading here

Many people heading for the beach enjoy having some light reading to take along. I suspect that’s why Amazon is running a special on romance novels for the next couple of weeks. Their Kindle Summer Romance Deal features 200 books for only $1.99 each. My book, Falling for Dallas, is included in the 200. If you’re looking for Falling for Dallas on the Kindle Summer Romance Deal page, it’s currently the 13th down from the top. (Good thing I’m not superstitious. 🙂 )

FallingforDallasFYI, Falling for Dallas is the second book in the Barbourville series (following A Summer Sentence), but it is also a stand-alone book. There’s no need for you to have read A Summer Sentence in order to enjoy Falling for Dallas. Following is a brief description.

Beth Ann Stanfield realizes that she’s no man’s dream girl. She’s a young widow with a son to raise, a huge medical debt to pay, and a monstrosity of a house that gobbles up all her extra cash. So when sophisticated, educated, and wealthy Dallas Vance moves in across Redbud Road, Beth Ann knows their mutual attraction is headed down a dead-end street. Can determination, stubbornness, and an abundance of love bridge the gap when two people are from such different worlds?

And while I hope you want to read Falling for Dallas, don’t forget that 199 other books are on sale right now too. Find your beach reading by clicking on the following link: Summer Reads.

And happy summer reading!

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