90-year-old Valentine cards: A look back


A few years ago, my mother gave me some Valentine cards she had received when she was a girl in school. Most were not dated but one was: February 14, 1926. I’m sure all were from around the same time period. It’s interesting to look back at the styles and to read the verses. One read,

I want to send a Valentine

A friendly one to you

But it takes a bit of courage

Such a bold bold thing to do.

Another verse read,

I like to hear the birdies sing

Because it is the sign of spring;

I like to hold your hand in mine

Because you are my Valentine.

Valentines2Another feature of these old Valentine cards that I found interesting: Apparently some students reused cards from previous years. It was easy enough to see where one person’s name had been erased and a different person’s name added. In our throw-away world today, that may seem strange, but I suspect it was not uncommon almost ninety years ago when people often had to make do with whatever they already had rather than going out and buying new.

In any case, let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

3 thoughts on “90-year-old Valentine cards: A look back

  1. Thanks for reblogging, Kate. And I agree about the older cards being prettier. I really treasure these and may someday try to get them framed together in such a way that it will help preserve them.

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