Hurry for sale prices

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For this coming week (ending Friday, September 30, at midnight), you can buy three of my Barbourville books for 99 cents each. These three books tell the stories of the triplet Vance brothers—Dallas, Denver, and Dayton.


To buy, click on the cover above.

In the first, Dallas Vance travels to Barbourville, Tennessee, expecting his visit to his niece to be a relatively short one. However, he soon finds himself drawn to the lovely widow who lives across the street in a monstrosity of a house that gobbles up all her extra cash, cash she needs for her young son. Wanting to help Beth Ann, Dallas talks her into allowing him to renovate an old-fashioned cottage situated at the back of her property, and soon his interest in returning to his upscale condo in Chicago takes second place to making a home in Barbourville with this woman who has an independent streak as wide as the state of Tennessee.



To buy, click on the cover above.

In Denver’s case, neither he nor the heroine, freelance writer Mattie Meadows, is originally from Barbourville. When they meet there on the front porch of the cottage that Dallas had renovated, neither is pleased by the other’s presence. Although he’d been on his way home to Chicago, Denver reluctantly agrees to help Mattie on a secret quest in this small town, and that leads them not only to a surprise discovery but also to the realization that they want to spend the rest of their lives together in Barbourville.




Click on cover above to buy.

Dayton, the third brother who is now left alone in Chicago, is horrified that Denver and Dallas have given up their lucrative law careers to start new lives in Barbourville. Thus, he decides to consult an old friend, psychologist Jill Taylor, to help him understand why they’ve changed so radically. Imagine his surprise when he discovers that Jill has left her counseling practice in Atlanta to move to Barbourville and open a small restaurant. Determined to confront her, he arrives unannounced on her front porch one evening and the next day ends up peeling potatoes in the kitchen of Jill’s Soup Bowl. Still, he’s determined not to end up like his brothers, never dreaming that his ambitions will soon change. Now he just needs to convince Jill that he has changed too.


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