Rules or Passion? Can the two coexist?

the-mysterious-merriana-webI wrote my latest release, The Mysterious Merriana, about a quarter of a century ago. At that time, I had no education in the craft of writing. I knew grammar but not the nuts and bolts of the rules as applied to writing fiction. It’s little wonder that my early manuscripts were roundly rejected by editors.

Then, several months ago, I decided to see if I could revise The Mysterious Merriana without having to rewrite most of it from scratch. I discovered that this old manuscript contained a very good story (in my opinion) along with many amateurish mistakes. Some of these errors required rewriting or omitting paragraphs, and in some cases, I had to decide between following the rules and striping away the passion I’d felt while writing this book. Knowing I might get dinged by some readers (and especially other writers) for breaking the rules, I nevertheless decided to leave the passion. I don’t regret that at all. After all, as they say, “You need to know the rules in order to break them.” If you’d like to visit the ebook on Amazon and see for yourself, click HERE.

Following is a brief description of The Mysterious Merriana.


On his way to France to extract an English agent, Justin Foster, Earl of Cardleigh, stops overnight at his favorite country inn, only to discover a mysterious female in the kitchen. This gorgeous woman claims to be the daughter of an English farmer, but she cooks like a French chef and sings French songs like a native of that land. When Justin learns that the agent who was supposed to travel with him has been mysteriously disabled, he insists the female accompany him to France and serve as his guide.

Having recently arrived in England on a smuggler’s boat, Merriana de Mérchan has no desire to return to France, but the distrustful Earl of Cardleigh, who assumes she is a French agent, gives her no choice. Although aware that she presents a suspicious image, she dare not attempt to tell him the full truth for fear of an unknown enemy who seemingly wants her dead.

As Justin and Merriana struggle toward opposing goals, the attraction they feel keeps drawing them closer. The question becomes, can they trust each other long enough for love to triumph?

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