Contemporary Novels

My Barbourville Series

A Summer Sentence (2005) was the first of my books set in the fictional town of Barbourville, Tennessee, and Falling for Dallas (2006) was the second. Both were published as hardbacks by Avalon Books. In 2011, Amazon chasing-dreams-web-copybought the rights from Avalon and subsequently published both books as paperbacks and as e-books. Dealing with Denver continued the Barbourville series, and Dreaming of Dayton was the fourth. In December 2013, I added the fifth, The Forgotten Christmas Tree, which won the 2014 HOLT Medallion in the short contemporary category. Next came At Home in Barbourville, followed by The Bow Wow and Meow Campaign and then a prequel, Celebrations of Joy. The most recent, Chasing Dreams in Barbourville, was published in August 2016. All are available as paperback books and as e-books on Amazon.

For information about all books in the Barbourville series (as well as my other books), please visit my website at

Holly Grove Homecoming


Holly Grove Homecoming was my first (and thus far my only) romantic suspense. Following is a brief summary.

When Carly Morrison moved to Holly Grove, Tennessee, the last person she expected to meet was FBI Agent Trooper Myers. Everybody knew Trooper had cut ties with his hometown twenty years ago when his parents were murdered and his mother accused of being a child predator. And although Carly moved to Holly Grove for reasons that had nothing to do with Trooper, now that she’s here, she plans to write a true crime book about his parents’ murders. She can only hope that Trooper’s unexpected return won’t upset her plans.

Over the past twenty years, Trooper Myers has come up with plenty of excuses for staying away from his hometown, but now that he’s on medical leave, he can’t justify not returning to begin his long-delayed investigation into his parents’ deaths. Fortunately, his aunt Myrna is thrilled to have him back in town, but he’s curious about her new neighbor. Carly Morrison sets off all sorts of alarms on his suspicion meter, but at the same time, she appeals to him in ways no woman ever has.

With so many secrets and suspicions threatening their relationship, can Carly and Trooper not only solve a twenty-year-old murder mystery but also learn to trust each other enough to plan for the future?

Lily for a Day

lily-for-a-day-web-copyThe story in Lily for a Day, unlike in my more traditional romance novels, is told in the words of a middle-aged woman. The protagonist, Marti Darnell, figures the time is long past when she could have bonded with her daughters, both of whom are now married women with lives of their own. But then her husband Harold falls on her and breaks her ankle, and she discovers that life has a way of simultaneously throwing curves and bestowing second chances.

When a conglomeration of broken bones, shattered marriages, rekindled love affairs, and a mystery or two disrupt life on the formerly peaceful Darnell Daylily Farm, Marti is forced to rely on her maternal instincts and pray that she doesn’t inadvertently screw up somebody’s life, including her own.

Christmas with Tiffany

Christmas with Tiffany is a short novella that is available only as an electronic book. It’s a second-chance-at-love story set in a small town in Tennessee in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Here’s a brief summary:

Tiffany Elwood’s small-town gift shop has become her refuge. The quiet ambiance she created there helps her find peace after losing her father to cancer and her boyfriend to the sophisticated lures of California. Now, with Christmas fast approaching, she has high hopes that the profits from her annual open house will help her support her mom and little sister through the coming year.

But her peace is disrupted when her tiny shop is inundated with ten times the number of ornaments she’d ordered, not to mention the return of that old boyfriend, Bain Lyndhurst. Every time she turns around, the former man of her dreams is in her shop, and there’s no accounting for his sudden affinity for purchasing Christmas decorations.

With the magic of the Christmas season to aid them, can the two star-crossed lovers rediscover the passion of their youth and establish the trust they need to face the future together?

My Cupcake, My Love

My Cupcake, My Love, a Valentine Day-themed romance set in a small town in the mountains of Tennessee, is a short novel that won the 2014 HOLT Medallion in the novella category. Here’s a brief description:

cupcake-web-copyBriana Galen is perfectly content operating her bakery in her hometown of Cedar Hollow, Tennessee, near the Great Smoky Mountains. She’s content, that is, until famous novelist Devin Morris moves back to town with his six-year-old daughter. Devin seems determined to think the worst of Bri, even accusing her of canceling her cupcake decorating class for children just to spite him.

Devin’s move back to the mountains from New York City was designed to comfort his daughter Kaitlin, whose mother deserted her to move to Europe with her lover. The last thing Devin wants is to become involved with another self-centered female, and Briana Galen appears to be just that. But if she thinks he’ll let her cancel that cupcake decorating class just because she’s busy, she’s got another think coming.

At the same time, who could have guessed that his volunteering to supply Valentine-themed cupcake decorations for Bri’s class would leave him with his own heart pierced by Cupid’s arrow? Now he can only hope that Cupid has Bri in his sights too.

Prognosis for Happiness

My contemporary romance, Prognosis for Happiness, is available from Amazon as both a paperback and an e-book. A brief plot summary follows:

 Gwen Meyer may be a full-fletched pediatrician now, but when Hollywood plastic surgeon Trevor Kendall comes back to small-town Brook Haven to critique her care of his five-year-old niece, she reverts emotionally to that nerdy girl in high school who used her acerbic wit to keep Trevor from getting too close to her. Unfortunately, the attraction she’d felt for him then is just as strong now, some fourteen years later. And even more unfortunately, she feels no more equipped to handle him now than she did when they were teenagers.

Trevor Kendall may have been voted “Most Likely to Succeed” when he was a student at Brook Haven High, but he hadn’t been able to break through the hard shell Gwen Meyer wrapped around herself to keep him at arm’s length. Now, when he returns to Brook Haven at the frantic request of his sister to check on his little niece, he’s both surprised and pleased to discover that five-year-old Abby’s pediatrician is none other than his old nemesis from high school. Gwen doesn’t appear to like him any more now than she did then, but he’s determined to crack through her shell and see what makes her tick. Problem is, what he discovers under that shell may very well turn his world upside down.

Can these two strong-willed individuals with career paths that have taken them in opposite directions ever find common ground to deal with their feelings from the past and more importantly their hopes for the future?

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