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Barbourville prequel is free today!

celebration-of-joy-web-copyI’m pleased to share the news that Celebrations of Joy is free from August 4 through August 8. In case you don’t already know, Celebrations of Joy is a prequel to the Barbourville series. Events in Celebrations of Joy take place about a year earlier than those in A Summer Sentence, the first book in the series. Following is a listing of the books in the series in chronological order (although they can be read in any order):
Celebrations of Joy
A Summer Sentence
Falling for Dallas
Dealing with Denver
Dreaming of Dayton
The Forgotten Christmas Tree
At Home in Barbourville
The Bow Wow and Meow Campaign

If you’re wondering what this freebie is about, here’s a brief rundown:

The day Melody Mills buried her mother was the day she vowed to save enough money to buy herself a one-way ticket out of Barbourville, Tennessee. Trouble is, she has no job, no home, and very few possessions.

Enter Judge Robert McCray, the most influential man in Barbourville, not to mention the most annoying, at least in the opinion of Connor Webb. The judge wants Connor to hire Melody to manage the bed and breakfast that Connor is trying to establish in the neglected Kessler mansion. Connor can’t really afford an employee, especially one he doesn’t need, but he can’t turn his back on this frail, impoverished woman who, for some strange reason, packs her depleted wardrobe in luggage that’s worth at least half a year’s wages.

With both Melody and Connor working hard and exploring new options for the old Kessler estate, the launch of a promising business is just around the corner. Unfortunately people they thought they’d left behind suddenly reappear and seem determined to derail their plans.

Will their love for each other be strong enough to help them overcome the challenges from their past and secure their dreams for the future?

If you would like to read more about these characters, hurry and download Celebrations of Joy while it’s free. Just click on the following link: CLICK HERE. And remember, on August 9, the cost will go back up to the usual $2.99.

The cover for Dreaming of Dayton revealed

I’m delighted to reveal the cover for my latest Barbourville novel, Dreaming of Dayton, which will be available in August. I’ll be running it on sale for a few days when it first comes out, so watch this blog and my Amazon and Facebook pages for further details.


But what are Barbourville books, you ask. This series of sweet romances set in Tennessee got its start in 2005 when Avalon Books bought A Summer Sentence, set in the fictional town of Barbourville. A year later, Avalon bought Falling for Dallas, also set in Barbourville and featuring some of the characters who were introduced in A Summer Sentence.

The series continued with the release of Dealing with Denver in 2009, and soon the most recent in the series, Dreaming of Dayton will be available. (FYI, in this series, the names Dallas, Denver and Dayton represent triplet brothers rather than cities.) I anticipate the publication of yet another Barbourville book later this year, probably around Christmas.

So if you’ve been following the lives of the good people of Barbourville, I hope you’ll watch for Dreaming of Dayton. And if you haven’t read any of the Barbourville books, try Dreaming of Dayton when it goes on sale. You might fall in love with the place.

Dreaming of Dayton (The Barbourville Series)