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Print version of Dreaming of Dayton is available

I’m pleased that Dreaming of Dayton is now available as a print book for those who prefer paperback books to electronic. The paperback is currently on sale for $8.07 as opposed to the list price of $8.99. (Note, too, that the introductory price of 99 cents for the electronic version of Dreaming of Dayton has expired, but it is still available at a very reasonable $2.99.)

dayton-web-copyAs most of us are aware, the rise of electronic books has been phenomenal in recent years, and I’m one of the converts, although I still enjoy holding a paperback from time to time. At the same time, it’s great to be able to download a book to your device and be able to start reading a new book any time of the day or night.

What’s your position on reading electronic books? Are you, too, a convert, or do you prefer always to hold the printed product in your hand? In any case, it’s an interesting time we live in.

Dreaming of Dayton now featured on my website

Thanks to Miss Heather, my very talented web designer, my website now contains information about my upcoming Barbourville novel titled Dreaming of Dayton. Here’s a screen shot of the home page:

Home Page

As of yet, I have no firm release date for Dreaming of Dayton, but it won’t be long now. In the meantime, I invite you to visit my website, carolynncarey.com, for details about the previous Barbourville books—the first, A Summer Sentence, then Falling for Dallas and third, Dealing with Denver.

The cover for Dreaming of Dayton revealed

I’m delighted to reveal the cover for my latest Barbourville novel, Dreaming of Dayton, which will be available in August. I’ll be running it on sale for a few days when it first comes out, so watch this blog and my Amazon and Facebook pages for further details.


But what are Barbourville books, you ask. This series of sweet romances set in Tennessee got its start in 2005 when Avalon Books bought A Summer Sentence, set in the fictional town of Barbourville. A year later, Avalon bought Falling for Dallas, also set in Barbourville and featuring some of the characters who were introduced in A Summer Sentence.

The series continued with the release of Dealing with Denver in 2009, and soon the most recent in the series, Dreaming of Dayton will be available. (FYI, in this series, the names Dallas, Denver and Dayton represent triplet brothers rather than cities.) I anticipate the publication of yet another Barbourville book later this year, probably around Christmas.

So if you’ve been following the lives of the good people of Barbourville, I hope you’ll watch for Dreaming of Dayton. And if you haven’t read any of the Barbourville books, try Dreaming of Dayton when it goes on sale. You might fall in love with the place.

Dreaming of Dayton (The Barbourville Series)