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Barbourville series continues

In case you haven’t heard, I recently published The Bow Wow and Meow Campaign, the seventh in my Barbourville series. The Barbourville series is set in a fictional small town in Tennessee, and while each book in the series can be read alone, there is also some continuity of characters from the first book (A Summer Sentence) through the last. In fact, the two main characters in The Bow Wow and Meow Campaign (Casey and Josh) were introduced in the preceding book, At Home in Barbourville. Following is a short description of the story:

bow-wow-web-copyCasey Trent is on the fast track as associate manager for an upscale department store in the city. Josh Preston is owner of a rundown farm in the country outside Barbourville, Tennessee. Casey is known as an up-and-comer; Josh, who takes in abandoned animals, is known as the cat-and-dog man.

Casey figures they have nothing in common, but when Josh tries to interest the citizens of Barbourville in building an animal shelter, Casey offers to help. The town can’t afford to support the center, so she suggests that she and Josh collaborate to raise funds for an endowment. Thus is born The Bow Wow and Meow Campaign.

As they work together to plan their campaign, Casey begins to realize that there are depths to Josh she hadn’t previously suspected, but nothing has prepared her to learn the full truth about his past. Once she does, can she find a way to forgive him, or is their tenuous relationship doomed to fade away?

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